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'Choose your Author' ficathon


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Choose your Author ficathon
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Sixth Round: Masterlist
There are 23 complete stories.

Fifth Round: Masterlist
There are 25 complete stories.

Buffy/Angel Round: Masterlist
There are 17 complete stories.

Fourth Round: Masterlist
There are 33 complete stories.

Third Round: Masterlist
There are 26 complete stories.

Second Round: Masterlist
There are 24 complete stories.

First Round: Masterlist
There are 43 complete stories.

Tired of getting your request written by someone who obviously couldn't care less for the pairing/character you asked for?

Tired of getting requested to write pairings/characters you never ever cared about?

I. During sign-up period every participant fills out this form.

01) Authorname:
02) Email:

03) Genre(s) you write (Gen, Romance, Angst, everything):
04) Genre(s) you do not write:
05) Highest rating you write (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):
06) Which characters/pairings would you write with your eyes closed?:
07) Do you only write those characters/pairings and don't want to write anything else?:
08) If there's a character/pairing you'd like to experiment with, it'd be...
09) Would you write Unconventional Pairings? (UC: couples that were never seen in the shows, i.e.: Willow/Spike, Tara/Xander...)
10) Would you write Slash Pairings? (If so, m/m and/or f/f?)
11) Would you write AR stories? (Alternate Reality, strays from canon at one point):
12) Would you write AU stories? (Alternate Universe, has very loose connections to canon or none at all. Includes 'Everyone's Human fic'):
13) Would you write crossovers? (If so, with which fandoms?)
14) If there is an episode/season you would focus in it'd be (Go wild, people. Or write 'everything'. Or 'none' if you don't feel like doing episodic fiction.):
15) Your focus is AtS, BtVS or both?
16) Would you include the comic-canon into your story?
17) Which characters/pairings would you never ever write?:

18) How long would your story be? (~1000 words, ~5000 words, etc):
19) How much do you want to be challenged? (Give me something simple/Give me the wackiest request ever/Something in-between.):
20) Would you write back-up?
21) Would you beta? (If yes, please say what pairings/characters you'd beta)
22) Comments, suggestions:

II. Once the Author List is posted you have to choose THREE authors (no more, please no less)

III. Leave your requests (max. 3, one per author) as a reply to that post.

IV. The assignment should be in your mailbox within the next two weeks.

V. While there will always be an official deadline, betaed stories may be posted before that date.


1) The story must add up to 1000 words, minimum. The writer can choose to do 10+ drabbles (100 words each), or a couple short stories as long as the request assigned is followed in all of them.

2) One of the main aspects of 'Choose your Author' is the anonymity during the sign-up and choosing. Please abstain from adding links to your work when you fill the questionnaire.

3) Participants of the 6th Round voted, and the result was that writers who have failed TWICE to send their stories will be banned from the community. However, if they write at least one, they'll be readmitted.

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Leni's Note:

the challenge mod isn't looking to make your life hard. Really and truly, I can guarantee you, she's not. Because making your life hard makes her life harder, and no challenge runner wants that.

~by musesfool. Whole post.


Questions and doubts: HERE.


Icons: Courtesy of faith_girl222

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