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B/A Ficathon Masterlist

As always, thank you for participating. Questions, doubts and complaints: leni_ba@livejournal.com

I'm sure that feedback will be loved by all authors. Yes, that's a hint. :-)

For easier catalogising into the memories, please add

-Link (http://....)
-Other characters/pairings
-Others (future? wishverse? normalverse? AU? All Human? NC-17 or really spicy R?...)

Official Deadline: June 30th. (Friday!)

total_fangirl wrote Coincidence (Buffy/Angel, future fic) for semby

druinsanity wrote Destiny (Buffy/Angel, Wishverse) for a2zmom

buffygirl52789 wrote Prized Possession (Buffy/Angel, 'Chosen') for heck_weasy

bashipforever wrote Broken World, Broken Girl (Buffy/Angelus, future fic) for druinsanity

danishafer wrote Kismet (Buffy/Angel. AU, NC-17. WIP) ) for fb2wendy

leni_ba wrote Lie To Me (Buffy/Angel. S5/S3. WIP) for buffygirl52789

ladyoneill wrote To Kill This Girl (Buffy/Angelus. NC-17) for pez

heck_weasy wrote Middle of Nowhere. (Buffy/Angel. Faith/Lindsey. AU. WIP) for danishafer

semby wrote Phony War (Buffy/Angel. Connor. Spike. post NFA) for ladyoneill

exposed1 wrote Should I Fall Behind (Buffy/Angel. post NFA) for biggrstaffbunch

fb2wendy wrote Hands Clean (Buffy/Angel. Darla/Angel. Connor. AtS3) for total_fangirl

theantijoss wrote Every Other Hell (Buffy/Angelus. R. post-NFA) for thenyxie

southernbangel wrote An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living (Buffy/Angel, Connor/Dawn. WIP) for theantijoss

marenfic wrote At Home Where The World Ends (Buffy/Angel, NC-17) for southernbangel

biggrstaffbunch wrote Trials (Buffy/Angel, WIP) for marenfic

thenyxie wrote Lazarus Wept (Wishverse. B/A) for bashipforever

leni_ba wrote BACK UP Holding the Fort (Buffy/Angel. Alternate AtS5.) for exposed1

Late stories for:

tweako, edgechick816,
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