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It's time!
FMA - bearhug
leni_ba wrote in cya_ficathon
I can't believe the day finally came. Can't wait to see all the stories!




- Post your story in your favorite site.
- Post a copy to cya_archive
- Comment here (or send me a pm) with the link, title, main pairing/character, and rating.

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I posted on my journal page and also at TtH, but couldn't post on the archive page because I wasn't a member of that community yet. Here's the link to the story in my journal though: http://mmooch.livejournal.com/1956.html

The story is called 'Out of the Something Blue' rated FR13 and is a Buffy/Lindsey pairing.


Thanks! I hope you had fun with this round and will consider joining Round Eight some time in the future (probably next January).

Please do post that copy! I know that it's an extra hassle, but I'm still looking for some old entries that were deleted from LJ or other sites, and I don't want to lose one more story. Thanks!

http://slaymesoftly.livejournal.com/496099.html#cutid1 This is the link to my journal where I posted my requested fic back in February. Didn't see it on the list, though. Its Spike/Buffy, NC17. I wasn't successful posting it on the archive at that time, but will try again.

oh dear. I think I remember seeing your message back then, but then I confused you with someone else and never had the time to go back and check. *blush!* So, so sorry!

I'll be looking forward to the copy at the archive!

I posted it a while ago. Apparently when I tried before, the archive wasn't live yet and I couldn't join it. As soon as I saw it on my list of posting places, I put the fic. up. Already heard from the requester. :)

Link to AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/386890
Main Characters: Faith, Xander, Michael Westen, Fiona Glenanne and Sam Axe
Rating: K+ (If you watched either of the series, you could read this)
Title: From Cold Water
Cannot post CYA_Archive at this point, but will when I've been made a member.

I was so sure I'd sent invites to the community back in February. *sigh* Oh well! yaaaaay! The crossover!!!! I'll go over the stories next week when I'm free (right now I'm doing the transcripts from the recordings. Sucks when the boss is in another country and must be kept updated via email). I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I posted to CYA Archive now! And you may have sent out an invite that I didn't notice. Or something. Who knows.

CoM likes the crossover. I hope it works. :D


Title: 'Round the Second Bend
Main characters and pairing: Willow/Satsu
Rating: G

Thank you!

Thank you! I hope you had a good time... and that you'll consider writing some of the other requests one day. Some of them were soooooooo goooooooood!

Thank you for hosting this! I had a lot of fun.

Link: http://dralf-burns.livejournal.com/8024.html
Title: Dance with the Devil
Main Pairing: Buffy/Angelus
Rating: R

yay! This ficathon is for people to get something they want to read, and above that, something they want to write. So, so glad it worked for you!

*hugs* I'll be pm'ing you when the next round starts. Hopefully uou'll have time for it!

I posted my fic to cya_archive first, so it's right here: http://cya-archive.livejournal.com/5607.html
title: Sibling Rivalry (How to Play Well With Others)
characters: Dawn, Dean Winchester, with some Buffy (no pairings)
rating:pg-13 or T

I posted it and then promptly forgot to link you to it:

Adventures in Being Babysat - FR13/PG13, Dawn with Faith and Cordelia.

Sorry i'm late! Work, timezones...it's a thing :)

The Master of the Ring
Angelus/Darla and Angel/Buffy, R

Any thoughts of doing another round? :)

Not right now. I'm swamped in family/friend events until October or so, but maybe around Christmas?

That would be lovely (I'm actually overcommitted for the summer, between RL and big bangs, but I was just wondering if you'd decided CYA had run its course, given the shrinking of the fandom, or whether you were going to continue when you had time for another round. :) )

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