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Round Seven - MASTERLIST.

Remember that FEEDBACK is LOVE!

Thank you to all writers! I hope that next time this ficathon opens, you'll be interested in participating again.


sentbyfools wrote Why Can't I Breathe, Evil Angel (Buffy/Angelus, R) for dralf_burns

sevendeadlyfun wrote Even Now (Buffy&Spike, PG) for a2zmom

secondalto wrote Something New (Spike/Tara, PG) for appomattoxco

secondalto wrote An Ending That Fits (Buffy/Giles, PG) for ladyforash

aadler wrote Echoes from the Battlefield (core Scoobies + others, PG) for tiny_white_hats

brutti_ma_buoni wrote A-Hunting We Will Go (Drusilla/Spike, NC-17) for cornerofmadness

ashes1753 wrote The Master of the Ring (Buffy/Angel + Darla/Angelus, R) for sentbyfools

lolaann1 wrote Common Ground (SPN x-over, Dawn/Sam, PG-13) for snowpuppies

sroni wrote A Truth More Destructive (Xander, PG) for secondalto

angelus2hot wrote Another Time, Another Place (Wishverse, NC-17) for evil_little_dog

redeem147 wrote Beer Run (Spike, PG) for slaymesoftly

mmooch wrote Out of the Something Blue (Buffy/Lindsey, PG13) for midnightisclose

slaymesoftly wrote No Harm (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) for lolaann1

evil_little_dog wrote From Cold Water (Burn Notice x-over, Faith & Xander, PG) for aadler

coalitiongirl wrote 'Round the Second Bend (Willow/Satsu, G) for redeem147

dralf_burns wrote Dance With The Devil (Buffy/Angelus, R) for ashes1753

tiny_white_hats wrote Sibling Rivalry (How to Play Well With Others) (SPN x-over. Dawn, PG-13) for murielle

garnigal wrote Terrifying in a Whole New Way (Veronica Mars x-over. Oz, PG) for sroni

cornerofmadness wrote Memories of the Unreal (Connor&Dawn, PG-13) for catbirdfish

aaronlisa wrote Memories of the Unreal (Buffy, Faith, Giles. PG-13) for jessicaqueen

murielle wrote And Then (Or What Happens Next)(Firefly x-over. Spike&Dawn, PG-13) for misse
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Round Seven - Author List

No anonymous entries, please!

a) Check your own ‘profile’. Tell me if there’s something missing or you want to change/add anything.

b) Choose THREE authors (no more, please no less)

c) Reply to this post with your requests (max. 3, one per author). Comments are screened.

- Author ##

- Author ##

- Author ##

The average request is:
Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in.
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too.
Things you want: setting, timeline, quotes, specific objects...
Things you don’t want: characters, pairings, angst, fluff...
Extras: highest rating, genre...

Make sure the request fits the author.

- If you agreed to be available to write back-up fics, THANK YOU!

d) Yes, you can have the same request for two (or the three) authors.

e) I’d like your replies by Sunday (5th) night.

f) The ‘official deadline’ is April 19th. However, you can email me the link to your betaed story and I’ll link to it from the masterlist. (Due to broken links in the old masterlists, I'd like you to post a copy of the story at cya_archive)

Happy Choosing!

I delete authors from the list as they get four fitting requests, so please make sure your choice is still up for grabs before you post - or I'll tell you to choose again. Thank you!


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Sign-ups until tomorrow!

Wow. 26 authors on the list already. That's... amazing. THANK YOU to everyone who's pimped, linked, or suggested this ficathon to their friends. So many characters and pairings offered, yay! I'm truly looking forward to the results. :D

Sign-ups close on Sunday. http://cya-ficathon.livejournal.com/10058.html

To all the participants: stay tuned on Monday for the Author List post. Remember that authors can be requested up to four times; once the fourth request gets into my inbox, I'll delete that author from the List.

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Round 7 - Buffyverse

The people have spoken, and this new round will again be focused on the Buffyverse. Any character, any pairing, any season, and if you want to play with characters from other fandoms, crossovers are *love*! Btw, comic-based stories are welcome too.

Spread the word, I'm looking forward to 20 25 30 Buffyverse authors on this round, but we all know that it's more fun when there are more people to play with!

- Rules.
- Questions and doubts go HERE.

To join this ficathon, please fill the questionnaire below. Don't be afraid to go into detail!


Today - Jan 29th: Sign up period.

Jan 30th: Author List will be posted.

Jan 30th - February 5th: Choosing Time

February 7th: I'll email in your assignments

April 19th*: DEADLINE.

*Betaed stories can be posted before the deadline.


Choose Your Author ficathon

1) Authorname:
2) Email:

3) Genre(s) you write (Gen, Romance, Angst, everything):
4) Genre(s) you do not write:
5) Highest rating you write (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):
6) Which characters/pairings are the easiest for you to write?:
7) Do you only write those characters/pairings or are you willing to include others?:
8) If there's a character/pairing you'd like to experiment with, it'd be...
09) Would you write Unconventional Pairings? (UC: couples that were never seen in the shows, i.e.: Willow/Spike, Tara/Xander...)
10) Would you write Slash Pairings? (If so, m/m and/or f/f?)
11) Would you write AR stories? (Alternate Reality, strays from canon at one point):
12) Would you write AH stories? (All Human - no vampires, no Hellmouth.):
13) Would you write crossovers? (If so, with which fandoms? If you have a favorite character/pairing for those fandoms, please add them.)
14) If there is an episode/season you would focus in it'd be...:
15) Your focus is AtS, BtVS or both?
16) Would you include the comic-canon into your story?
17) Which characters/pairings would you never ever write?:

18) How long would your story be? (~1000 words, ~5000 words, etc):
19) How much do you want to be challenged? (Give me something simple/Give me the wackiest request ever/Something in-between.):
20) Would you write back-up?
21) Would you beta? (If yes, please say what pairings/characters you'd beta)
22) Comments, suggestions:

Comments are screened.
28 sign ups so far.
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It seems cya_ficathon is coming back tomorrow for a seventh round.

Rules and details can be found at the profile.

Tentative dates are:

Sign up - Jan 19th to Jan 29th
Choosing your Authors - Jan 30th to Feb 5th
Assignments - Feb 7th
Posting Deadline - April 5th.

Now, Poll Time!

Poll #1811915 Choose Your Author, 7th Round

Should this round focus on...

the Buffyverse (BtVS/AtS)?
the Jossverse (BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible...)
another fandom? (leave suggestions in the comments)

It is true that this ficathon was meant primarily for BtVS/AtS writers, but that was back in 2004. If your muse has traveled to other fandoms over the years, it should be a great challenge to integrate new interests.

But if you prefer to keep this a BtVS/AtS community, I'd love that, too!
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14/07/08. Hello everyone! I have to say, this has been the best round ever. Everyone has been very considerate, and the one person who needed to drop out told me with time enough to arrange a back-up. Now, I'm hoping that doesn't mean tomorrow I'll be getting 'Sorry, but....' emails. lol

So, to all the authors who've participated in this round: THANK YOU! The first and foremost objective of Choose your Author is to let you all have some fun, both as requesters and as requestées. ;) And in that spirit, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Hopefully you'll consider signing up in November!

To add your story, please add a comment with title, link, main characters/couples, rating and any other information you consider necessary.

To all the readers who'll happen along... I hope you'll enjoy this collection of stories - and send some feedback to the writers! You're also invited to browse through the memories, where you can find stories by character.


stars91 wrote Between Dreams and Reality (Buffy/Angel, AR post IWRY) for ladymackenzie

deird1 wrote Not The Way It Works (Fred&Lorne) for carlyinrome

seductivembrace wrote The Second Catalyst (Angel/Spike, NC-17) for chrisleeoctaves

sevendeadlyfun wrote Turnabout Part 1, Part 2. (Angel(us)/Spike, NC-17) for kidcyclone

spikendru wrote Let's Go Kill Something (Buffy/Spike, BtVS4) for rahihah

silkensky wrote I Wasn't Looking For You (Xander/Jack, Torchwood x-over, NC-17) for spikendru

snowpuppies wrote Empathy (Faith/Peter, Heroes x-over, R) for delwyncole

redeem147 wrote The Sunnydale Files (Buffy&/Spike, X Files x-over) for murielle

deird1 wrote EXTRA! Small Spaces (Wesley & Dawn) for scratchingpost1

chrisleeoctaves wrote Conduit (Buffy/Spike, Angel/Spike, Buffy/Angel. R) for seductivembrace

rahihah wrote The Road to Byzantium (Spike, Dawn, & Anya) for leni_ba

scratchingpost1 wrote Reflections (Willow) for wehavedental

lostgirlslair wrote A New New Man (Giles/Wesley) for mireille719

bethynyc wrote Time Stand Still (Xander/Jack. Doctor Who x-over) for silkensky

leni_ba wrote BACK UP! Fumbling in the Dark (Ethan, Drusilla, Gunn.) for zgirl14

wehavedental wrote Evil Dead Things (Lilah/Wesley) for zandra_x

aaronlisa wrote An Adventure in Babysitting (Dawn, Cordelia, Faith. S3) for scratchingpost1

murielle wrote A Tale Of Two Earthquakes... Or Not (Dawn, Zoë. Firefly x-over) for deird1

carlyinrome wrote The Sin Eater (Buffy/Angel) for midnight_birth

dreamincolor wrote Eternity (Faith/Darla, NC-17) for globalfruitbat

semby wrote The Monster Within (Darla/Lindsey) for sevendeadlyfun

soft_princess wrote Que la raison ne connaît pas (The Heart Has Its Reasons) (Giles/Wesley/Xander, FRAO, some slight kink.) for lostgirlslair

zgirl714 wrote Eyes Like Needles (Faith/Connor. Spoilers for ATF) for redeem147

kidcyclone wrote What Happens In Vegas (New Fanged Four- Spike/vamp!Xander/ Angelus/vamp!Willow/ Angelus/Spike/vamp!Xander. WIP) for aaronlisa

evil_little_dog wrote BACK UP! Measure Up (Wesley. post NFA) for bethynyc

ladymackenzie wrote BACK UP! Brand New Girlfriend (B/A. AU) for stars91

Late Stories for:

soft_princess, kidcyclone, stars91, dreamincolor, snowpuppies