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BtVS - BA - claddagh
leni_ba wrote in cya_ficathon
It seems cya_ficathon is coming back tomorrow for a seventh round.

Rules and details can be found at the profile.

Tentative dates are:

Sign up - Jan 19th to Jan 29th
Choosing your Authors - Jan 30th to Feb 5th
Assignments - Feb 7th
Posting Deadline - April 5th.

Now, Poll Time!

Poll #1811915 Choose Your Author, 7th Round

Should this round focus on...

the Buffyverse (BtVS/AtS)?
the Jossverse (BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible...)
another fandom? (leave suggestions in the comments)

It is true that this ficathon was meant primarily for BtVS/AtS writers, but that was back in 2004. If your muse has traveled to other fandoms over the years, it should be a great challenge to integrate new interests.

But if you prefer to keep this a BtVS/AtS community, I'd love that, too!

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I'm torn between going with Jossverse and multifandom, considering I haven't really been a participant in BtVS/AtS since 2004....

I know. I also wouldn't mind having a multifandom version. It'd be a challenge, and I like those in February. ;)

Challenges are fun. :D

BTW, I'm working to run fma_cya, with possible May sign ups. I know you probably won't be participating, but I might need help with the sorting of who gets whom. IF YOU'RE AVAILABLE, that is. :D

I'll try my best, promise.

And yeah, if my schedule is anything like 2011, I'll be writing zero from March to October.

I'm already signed up for the fma_slashfest, too, and they're due in April, but those stories can be short. (yaaaaay)

Hee. I'm hoping this would force you to write Jossverse. (insert evil laugh).

Now that's an idea... *g*

I am sure you are. *wonders if I could get it right for 1K words*

CyA accepts collections of ficlets and drabbles, as long as together they go over 1k words...

I'd be glad to offer my services in any capacity to help out.

ahahahahaha. :D Well, if I decide I can do this...

my only hesitation on a multiverse would be finding people to fill the requests

Actually, that's the one thing I'm not too worried about in a multiverse scenario. In this ficathon, the fandoms would have to be chosen from those the authors have offered, and of course each author's profile would include which characters/pairings they're willing to write.

It would be a longer quiz than usual, but it'd be worth it because technically every request would be specifically addressed to an author who'd be interested in writing it.

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